FREquently asked questions

Is there anything planned after Q3

There is more in the works, Q4/Q1 roadmap will be released in Q3 of 2021.

What kind of partnerships do you have in mind?

Mojo is partnering with influencers, athletes, artists, and other crypto projects that are interested in collaborating.

When will the energy drinks be available for purchase? Where will I be able to buy it?

Mojo V1 was sold on All future drops will be available for purchase directly through the site.

Can the community help with naming and flavors?

Our next drop is already in the works. On future collaborations we will get the community to help us decide on new flavors based on holder tiers.

Where did you come up with the idea for a crypto backed energy drink?

First and foremost, Mojo is a loyalty token which rewards holders in the form of consumer benefits. Holders are able to purchase drinks at discounted costs, help with project decisions, etc. That said, we are big fans of crypto and energy drinks. When you look at the primary demographic of cryptocurrency enthusiasts it aligns perfectly with the primary energy drink demographic. It is our goal to combine the two worlds for one epic moon mission!

What’s the team like? What kind of real-world experience do they bring?

Some members of the team will be doxxed as we meet specific milestones. Our first member, CJoe has already been doxxed. We are a team with backgrounds working at some of the largest players in the e-commerce space. We are all energy drink and crypto enthusiasts and are looking to bring top quality energy drinks and marketing to the crypto space.

Where are you in the current development of the energy drink?

V1 of Mojo has already dropped with future collaborations already in the works!